Top 10 Best Cash Drawers in 2021 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you are worried about cash keeping and want to buy a convenient cash drawer. You are at the right place. Today we are sharing the top 10 best cash drawers in 2019 reviews. We have tried almost 30 cash drawers one by one and select the top 10 best cash drawers. These cash drawers are very durable, spacious, and have many prominent features.

Most cash drawers are spacious and durable, but people require perfect security along with these qualities. It has separate compartments for various notes. It has a safe deposit box to carry collection money. Some cash drawers have a specialized alarm and lock system. These cash drawers help you to keep your cash safe and sound.

It will be the best suggestion for you according to their features, price, and quality. It is an affordable, portable, and compact cash drawer for you. Moreover, in this article, we will discuss complete reviews with quick features, pros, and cons. It will help you to select the most amazing and useful cash drawer in 2021.

List of The 10 Best Cash Drawers in 2021

10. The best cash drawer by Gelible

By: Gelible

10. Cash Register Drawer Insert Tray 5 Bill

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A convenient way to keep your cash by Gelible cash drawer. It is very favorite among many users. You can keep different value notes in five different compartments. You can keep your coins or other personal items too in four separate sections. It is a secure and safe cash drawer that has stainless steel clips to hold the cash. The whole drawer is sturdy, lightweight, and convenient to use.

Key Features
  • The material has efficient, durable, and clean plastic and metallic material.
  • The design has a simple, economical, and spacious layout for money keeping.
  • Compartments have deep five cash compartments and four separate compartments.
  • The ABS plastic material is sturdy, lightweight, and ergonomic for keeping money.
  • Comfortable and lightweight cash drawer for money.
  • Made of durable and lightweight best material.
  • It is best for keeping different value currency notes and coins.
  • The material used for the cash drawer should be more reliable.

9. Beelta 13″ POS Cash Register Drawer

By: Beelta

9. Beelta 13 POS Cash Register Drawer

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Beelta offers an amazing cash drawer for its customers. As it is a 13” POS cash drawer for keeping money, coins, and essential bills. It has a very convenient and spacious interior portion. When you open the drawer, you will find the four main compartments for currency notes, five compartments for coins, and an extra tray for bills and document keeping. Moreover, you can connect it with the receipt printer through RJ11/RJ12 cable.

Key Features
  • Elegant Design has a classic design to keep a valuable amount of money safely.
  • Lightweight Material contains ABS plastic that is durable and very lightweight.
  • The lock contains a locking system and receipt enable lock that opens with the print command.
  • Printing option can attach with the printer to print eh receipt bills that are a convent way to keep money.
  • It is a unique and well-organized cash drawer for cash keeping.
  • Made of ABS lightweight plastic and stainless-steel metallic clips.
  • Best for keeping various currency notes, coins, and essential bills.
  • Precious cash drawer that prints receipts and works with printers.
  • Become very messy when irrelevant items kept.

8. Cash Register Drawer for Point of Sale (POS) System with 5 Bill 6 Coin Cash Tray

By: Volcora

8. Cash Register Drawer for Point of Sale (POS) System with 5 Bill 6 Coin Cash Tray

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Cash Register Drawer is straightforward, light in weight, and a portable cash drawer that helps you to keep money, coins, and essential bills. Together life offers four portions for cash keeping and five portions for coins and other items. It is very light in weight because ABS resin material is used for its construction. It is very convenient to use on a busy day very comfortably to put and withdraw money.

Key Features
  • The compartments’ shape of the coins compartment makes it comfortable to carry and withdraw money.
  • Clips The sturdy stainless-steel clip tightly holds money, bills, and other vital recipients.
  • Compartments contain five separate compartments for cash, check and bills, and four smaller for coins.
  • Material made from ABS resin material and stainless steel durable spring clips.
  • Best for the shop, store, and small mart.
  • Made of stainless steel and ABS resin material.
  • Very comfortable in usage, simple design, and durable.
  • Very light in weight.

7. APG VPK-15B-2A-BX Cash drawer


7. APG VPK-15B-2A-BX Cash Drawer

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APG VPK-15B-2A-BX Cash drawer has a very smart and excellent design for cash, bills, and cheques keeping. It contains unique shape compartments that help the users inputting and withdraw the notes. It has five bills and coins compartments. The sturdy material makes it very flexible to use for a long time. You can put your important bills cheques and other things safely in the cash drawer. It will help you to keep safe.

Key Features
  • Sturdy design offers the right cash drawer with a full and convent design.
  • Material made of very lightweight and durable material.
  • Multitasking is used for keeping cash, cheques, and bills.
  • Wide surface hold full cover that keeps money, coins, and bills very safely.
  • Best cash drawer for keeping your cash, bills, and coins.
  • Contain hard stainless-steel spring clips that tightly hold.
  • Very convenient to keep your cash safe and sound.
  • Costly cash drawer.

6. STEELMASTER 2.19 x 9.63 x 11.5 Inches

By: MMF Industries

6. STEELMASTER Replacement Cash Tray

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It is another fantastic product by MMF Industries. They always make durable and reliable products for their customers. It is a very simple design, unique, and affordable cash drawer. The cash drawer contains four billing compartments and five cash or keys keeping compartments. It is a very sturdy and durable cash drawer that is made of ABS resin material and stainless-steel spring clips that firmly hold your money.

Key Features
  • Offer a simple, unique, and best-designed cash drawer.
  • The material used ABS resin plastic with durable metallic clips.
  • Multitasking can be used to keep cash, bills, and cheques, along with coins and keys.
  • Easily adjustable according to the user’s needs.
  • Made of durable ABS resin and steel material.
  • Contain simple, unique, and adjustable compartments.
  • It has four compartments for keeping money and five for coins.
  • It doesn’t have any particular lock system.

5. Tangkula Cash Register Drawer

By: Tangkula

5. Tangkula Cash Drawer

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The Tangkula cash drawer is a fantastic product. It efficiently designs for keeping money, bills, and printing the receipts for bills. The POS system is a significant feature consider for the Tangkula cash drawer. It has removable compartments for cash and coins. It has durable clips that firmly hold the whole money for you. You can put cash, cheque, and other vital things in the cash drawer.

Key Features
  • Modern drawer with efficient working.
  • Contain a durable and robust lock to keep your cash safe.
  • You can keep your money secure and use it according to the POS system for recipients.
  • Offer a sturdy spring locking system for comparable hold.
  • Contain a flexible and sturdy lock and material.
  • Stylish and comfortable cash drawer with a lock.
  • It can be used both for keeping cash, coins, and cheques.
  • Safely print bills and unlock the cash drawer as you need.
  • The key lock system is sound but it was the old system.

4. APG VB320-BL1616 Standard-Duty Cash Drawer


4. APG VB320-BL1616 Cash Drawer

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The APG once again offers you a completely secure and easy way to keep your money safe and convenient to get. It can hold the cash firmly with a spring lock and key lock system for protection and safety. This is wholly made of sturdy and long-lasting material. It also works with the POS system that will tremendously help full in shops, stores, and small marts. You need no worry to hold cash coins and change.

Key Features
  • The locking system is offering a four-step locking system for complete protection and security.
  • Thoroughly adorable design that looks perfect on your counter and shop.
  • Material cash drawers and locking systems have unique content that makes them perfect for cash keeping.
  • Efficiently equipped with a POS system to print recipients and bills with lock and unlock feature.
  • Contains four billing compartments, and four coins compartments.
  • Very a unique and effective locking system that secures your money.
  • Use for protecting and putting the money for excellent work.
  • It has a POS system that helps the merchant to keep an eye on the money with accurate processing.
  • The whole cash drawer by APG is very costly.

3. Beelta 16″ POS Cash Drawer

By: Beelta

3. Beelta Cash Drawer

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The Beelta 16” offers a uniquely designed and top-quality cash drawer. It is a metallic designed cash drawer that is used to keep your money, coins, and another precious item. It works is very first and smoothly without any mistakes. You can hold your cash firmly with its adjustable spring locking system. You can adjust the compartment tray and remove it according to your usage. The POS system holds securely and prints the bill very quickly to unlock the drawer.

Key Features
  • The plastic contains ABS resin that is very lightweight, sturdy, and the best quality material.
  • Design very convenient and affordable that everyone loves to keep it.
  • Safely lock and unlock as user needs or make bills and prints through the POS system.
  • Multitasking object that keeps your money and makes it secure too.
  • It contains sturdy and long-lasting plastic construction.
  • Simple and affordable cash drawer.
  • Unique, secure, and straightforward cash drawer.
  • The risen is preferable good but not smoother material for cash keeping.

2. ROVSUN Cash Register Drawer


2. ROVSUN Cash Drawer

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ROVSUN has made many significant achievements in the locking system. The cash drawer has some extraordinary amazing features and locking systems. You can keep your money coins, and cheques secure and safe in the drawer. As you are done with the customer you will have to make the bill and push the enter button the drawer will unlock you can put your money and withdraw the change it is a facilitated drawer for secure transactions.

Key Features
  • The material offers stainless steel and ABS plastic material with durable spring clips.
  • Design a very unique, adorable, and straightforward design that is perfect for cash keeping.
  • Material and interior are removable and washable according to usage.
  • Multitasking is efficiently working to hold cash and print the recipient’s bills too.
  • Contain four billing and five coins trays for the cash drawer.
  • It has utterly plastic material and a metallic lock and spring system.
  • Entirely safe, secure to keep cash, coins, bills, check, and printing the bills.
  • The whole product is very costly.

1. The best cash drawer by Gelible

By: Gelible

1. Gelible Cash Drawer

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The Gelible cash drawer is very light in weight and efficient cash drawer for its customers. You can put your cash in it four separate compartments for keeping different value notes separate from each other. You can also put your coins or change them in the three separate compartments. These compartments are very safe to keep your earn income or shop’s income safe and sound. It is a very efficient way to hold the money neatly in the drawer.

Key Features
  • The design has a simple, economical, and spacious layout for money keeping.
  • Material has the best quality plastic material and metallic clips.
  • Shape compartments make it very easy to withdraw cash and coins.
  • Completely portable; you can keep it in the drawer or locking system as you want.
  • Contain durable stainless steel and plastic construction.
  • It has full and more extended compartments that perfectly hold notes.
  • Entirely adjustable, affordable, and manageable cash drawer.
  • The whole product is very lightweight.

Buyer’s Guide for The Best Cash Drawer in 2021

The cash drawers are essential for shops, malls, and small stores. It will help the cashier to keep money in perfect form, assemble the notes according to their values, and never become confused while taking or giving the change. A new cash drawer is brilliant because they have a very unique feature that keeps the money, secure money, and makes collaboration with computer and printer to provide you extra advantage to unlock the drawer with billing. These are some critical factors that one should know before purchasing the cash drawer.

  • What is a cash drawer?

A cash drawer is a simple instrument used to keep money, cheques, and essential bills. You can also keep your confidential cards and documents. It has a specialized locking system that never opens without an original prospectus.

  • How does a cash drawer work?

Usually, A cash drawer has small compartments in which its number and area vary differently. Some cash drawer has simple locks or attached with computer and printer. It works according to the relevant software. People keep cash or various notes according to their values.

  • What is the best cash drawer?

In fact, every brand that provides you simple, unique, and perfect locking features is best as a cash drawer. Moreover, you find the cash drawer according to your business and need if you have a significant amount of cash then use heavy locking and security cash drawer.

  • Is the cash drawer secure to use?

Yes, you can rely on a cash drawer. Nowadays the cash drawer locking system becomes biometric or needs a security code that comes to your mobile phone. In this way, you feel very secure and protective that your money is safe and never be stolen.


So, it is all about the best cash drawer in 2019. We have shared a lot of things, features, and information about the cash drawers. I hope it will help you in selecting the top quality and best cash drawer. If you are still confused about choosing the best one for you. Our experts make some further suggestions after reviewing them one by one.

  • The “APG VB320-BL1616 Standard-Duty Cash Drawer” for best security, features, and high pricing.
  • The “Tangkula Cash Register Drawer” for reasonable quality, features, and pricing.
  • The “ROVSUN Cash Register Drawer” for casual quality, features, and cheap pricing.

I hope it is enough for your decision. These are our personal experience base suggestions. So, choose one of them for the best security and top features. Share your valuable experience with us.

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